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Cleansing Cloth

Cleansing Cloth

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Introducing the cleansing cloth a must have to any ladies bathroom. Say Hello to our cleansing cloth which can do just about anything. Need to remove stubborn make-up without the additional harsh chemicals - WE'VE GOT YOU! Hair dye and kiddies face paint - Easy Peazy. Wet your cleansing cloth with warm water, apply to your face in a circular motions and POOF its gone. NO MESS NO FUSS

Great for Ladies: to remove stubborn make-up, hair dye or just to cleanse and exfoliate.

Great for Men: to cleanse and exfoliate and assists with getting rid of all those unwanted ingrown hairs.

Great for Teens:  After sport - to cleanse and exfoliate and assists with acne control.

Great for kids: removes face paints and stubborn dirt or just to sleep with!

Great for babies: Use to bath your new-born baby. It is soft and gentle, soothes Nappy Rashes - all with no additional chemicals.

At a size of 30x30 this cloth is the perfect to use on your face but also as a full body cloth. 

These are available in 5 bold colours.  







The cleansing cloth is made of a delicate fabric blend of polyester and silk fibers.
When wet it helps break the bond between, make-up, stubborn dirt and impurities, on the skin.

The millions of tiny fibers, which increase the surface area of the cloth by about 15 times more than that of a normal facecloth, attracts all impurities directly off the skin onto the cloth, therefore impurities are not smeared or smudged around the skin, clogging up ones pores.

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Customer Reviews

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Liesel Basson

Cleansing Cloth

Brenda Van Rooyen

Cleansing Cloth

Caryn Kritzinger
Cleansing Cloths

These cloths are really great- I bought one for myself and one for my teenage daughter - they clean all the make up off your face exactly as shown in the video, with very little effort! They are soft and luxurious and wash perfectly in the machine. They are also well priced compared to very similar peodicts on the market.

Geri Elliott
Lovely Product

It definitely does the job to remove makeup and I do find my skin feels softer after use. Love that it works simply by wetting it with water, no product needed. Love the colour and it's now become part of my skincare routine :-)