Showing your POSITIVE PANTS some LOVE
If you feel anything like we do, the thought of having to throw my FAVOURITE leggings away tears our hearts into two. So with that being said we have a few tips on how to make sure your leggings last forever, well almost!!
Tip number 1: Treat them with love
Higher temperatures encourage the loss of dye which could result in your gorgeous leggings losing their eye-catching bright vibrant colours so keep your machine below 30 degrees or even better yet take a few minutes to hand wash colours separately in cold water and remove any other garments decorated with buttons/zippers etc that could damage the fabric. 
Tip Number 2: Turn them inside out
Obviously we don't mean go strutt your stuff with you leggings inside out but when it comes to taking them off do a little one step and flick and turn them inside out. This will help maintain your colours whilst in the process of washing and drying.
Tip Number 3: Take it easy on softeners
If you own a pair of our incredible pants, you will know you most certainly do not need Softener. A lot of detergents, and especially fabric softeners, will break down the fibers that make your workout wear stretchy and firm. 
Tip Number 4: Avoid the Tumble Dryer.
The Dryer can fade colours as well as change the shape of your leggings so for best results place your leggings on a flat surface and allow them to air dry, out of direct sunlight of course ;)
Tip Number 5:  How to fit your Positive Pants.
Fit your Positive Pants  just as you would a pair of stockings by gradually rolling them up your legs until you reach your waist.
Tip Number 6: Do not iron 
Lots of Love
Positive Pants