Collection: Christmas Poppets


Trendy, vibey, colourful leggings that come with a slightly longer lifespan than your typical, plain  average leggings. Our kiddies range will last 2-3 years if looked after according to our instructions and provided that she hasn’t refused to take them off for the last year even though they smell a bit funky and are a little on the holey side. Say HELLOOO to clothes that keep up with how quickly these precious little humans grow. The idea behind this fit is at time of purchase the leggings will be a full length but as she grows the leggings will mold and adjust to her new body shape and will go from full length to 7/8 and then 3/4. 

For those of you who just LOVE the idea of twinning with your mini-me, why not head on over to the ladies section and get yourself a matching pair.