Core Sliders - Coral

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Core Sliders are an incredibly versatile piece of workout gear! It's time to target your whole body, with a compact solution from Fit Farm Girl. These core sliders come in a gorgeous coral colour – Unique to SA! You also get a handy carry case that’s small enough to be mobile! Great for travel or to pop into your gym bag. Besides for being compact for on-the-go workouts, core sliders can be used on multiple surfaces. These sliders have two sides which allow you to use them on wood, tiles, carpet and more. The sliders are great for working your core in isolation and as a secondary muscle group when targeting arms and legs.

Exercise ideas: Mountain Climbers/Push-ups/Pikes/Ab tucks,/ Plank Jacks/Lunges/Side Squats/Oblique tucks and so many more options exist!


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