Black Panther Sports Bra

Composed out of the same material as our much loved Butter Me Up Butter Cup Leggings. These must-have sports bras are made out of polyester and spandex blending resulting in a luxurious velvet-like finish.

Our Sports bras are not only beautiful but also functional. Designed with a racerback cut and thicker waist band for added support as well as removable bra pads allowing you to create the look and feel you want. We also come with a built-in storage pocket perfectly positioned between your shoulder blades. No longer do you have to put up with your phone tugging at your pants or pulling it out of your waistband or bra only to have it dripping in sweat.

Whilst this cute little number is perfect for those hitting the gym, it's also the perfect thing to throw on for walks around the neighbourhood or running errands. Use it to hold your car keys, lip balm, bank cards or ID allowing you to free up one hand whilst missioning through a shopping mall with your toddler on the other. 

These bras are perfect for low to medium impact exercises which don't require your feet to be constantly pounding against the ground. Suitable for yoga, pilates, weight training, hiking and even high intensity training



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